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What Makes BlueSnap Best For Small Online Businesses

Small online businesses are at a high risk of failure, particularly in their first year of existence. The main reason why so many of them fail is the inability to juggle investments, operating costs and cash flow. Here are a few reasons why a comprehensive solution like BlueSnap can help a small online business not only survive its first year but even thrive in such a competitive world.

One of the most important things online businesses have to take into account is the security of their customers. You need to do everything in your power to provide your potential customers with a safe and secure way to pay for their orders. BlueSnap comes with 3D Secure, Ethoca, Verifi by Visa and Kount integration right off the bat. In addition, it can handle more than 100 shopper currencies and more than 100 global payment types. This is an effective method to increase sales, as it allows potential customers to use their favorite currency and payment form to pay for their orders. You can offer your customers all these without having to manage more than one single account connected to a wide network of global banks. Besides, the intelligent payment routing will allow you to optimize transaction costs, in order to help keeping your business profitable.


There are also advantages that concern the efficiency of running your business. This software platform is easy to integrate with the most known business tools and applications available today. It also comes with in-built solutions for tax and GDPR regulation compliance.

You can enjoy all these benefits without needing anything else than one single account on the platform. By providing such a safe and secure yet flexible environment, you’ll encourage your potential customers to choose your business over other alternatives on the market. This is something worth taking into consideration, if you want to be successful.